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Huron, South Dakota - Established in 2011, Shocks by Hammer and Brian Diede Racing Equipment, LLC set out to provide quality work and service to race car drivers and teams. Choosing to focus mainly on shocks, Brian Diede set out to learn the trade, establish relationships and build what has become a “household” name in the racing and shock industry not only in the upper Midwest but all over the country and even in Canada and Australia! 

As Zach Johnson stated to Diede in 2016, “It’s amazing to me that it didn’t seem like that long ago you were telling me you were going to start doing shocks and now I show up at the track and it’s like you’re doing EVERYBODY’S shocks!” 

While this isn’t actually true and wouldn’t be healthy for Brian or the sport, the fact that the business has grown into a huge success is evident by the sheer numbers of customers that utilize the shock and spring service provided at Shocks by Hammer.

“What I do know is true is that no one works harder to make sure you get your shocks back in a timely manner. I see companies advertise all the time that they have ‘same day’ turnaround on repairs yet they’re 1000 miles away from their shop racing.  I scaled back my program and race local so I can provided unmatched service when it comes to getting your shocks back to you during the season,” stated Diede. 

First and foremost I have to thank the people that helped me get going.  Starting anything is never easy and without Lou Fegers Racing Equipment helping me get started as far as providing some training and access to a couple of shock companies, it would have been very difficult. In just the second year of business, Kevin “Buzzy” Adams with his Shaw by Buzzy chassis business contacted SBH and according to Diede they “….put us on the map!"

"When someone like Kevin Adams contacts you to provide shocks for not only his racing program but also his chassis business, you jump.”  This continued for two years and when Cory Crapser(already a SBH customer) took over the business from Kevin Adams, he continued utilizing the services provided by SBH.

“Those two guys impacted my business in a way that I don’t even know if they understand. I really am forever grateful for the opportunity they provided me and to this day we still work together” stated Diede. "With two guys with as many accolades between the two of them as Crapser and Adams, it didn’t take long for drivers all over the upper Midwest to start to notice who was winning and where they were getting their shocks. I also have to send a shout out to Shane Kisling.  He’s become a good friend and has provided a lot of feedback when it comes to shocks in the Wissota Super Stock Division” said Diede.  

When researching the business, the first piece of equipment we purchased was a Roehrig Shock Dyno.  Fast forward five years  and now we have a GaleForce Suspension LoadPro to expand the services we can offer to include springs in addition to our shock program. 

“At SBH, we want to be on the train, not standing there watching it go by,” stated Diede. “The sport is always changing and we want to be the place you go for answers and solutions.  With our connections in the industry now, we have a vast amount of resources to tap into that can make a difference in your racing program!”