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February 22, 2019 - Just wanted to take a minute and thank all of our new and returning customers this year. We haven't put out a post lately to welcome our new customers so here they are:

Jason Meidinge r- Street Stock
Mark Smith - Northern Sport Mod
Ryan Lanphierd - Dirt Late Model
Jared Lindner - Street Stock
Ryan Hagen - A Mod
John Halvorson - Street Stock
Matt Jeratowski - A Mod Shocks and Headers
Dusty Seitz - A Mod Shocks and Headers
Ryan Dahl - Dirt Late Model
Jon Schumacher - FOX 2.0 Truck Shocks
Ryan Damm - A Mod
Bryan Kakela - A Mod and B Mod
Steve Laursen - Dirt Late Model
12th Street Auto-Sioux Falls - Ford Raptor FOX Shocks
Jeff Catron - Ford Raptor FOX Shocks
Casey Skyberg - Dirt Late Model
Dylan Goplen - A Mod
Kyle Harkin - B Mod
Tyler Gross- A Mod
Jeremy Lile - B Mod
Ryan Flaten - Super Stock
Brad Vigen - Dirt Late Model
Chuck Chernotik - Mini Sprint
Brendan Blascyk - B Mod
Brian Welch - Mod 4
Jason Wright - Northern Sport Mod
Jamie Schulz - Northern Sport Mod
Justin Feltus - B Mod
Kris Bronson - SnoBear
Stephen Lewis - Sport Mod
Pro Chassis - Mert's Machine
Nate Reynolds - B Mod
Dustin Nelson - Super Stock