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Now Servicing Ford Raptor Fox Shocks
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You have now arrived at the place for all of your GEN1(2010-2014) Ford Raptor SVT Fox Shock needs. We are an authorized Fox Shocks dealer, which allows us to buy our parts direct. This also allows us to sell the parts at a better price, which results in customers receiving more back on their deposit refund, when they return their shocks and we disassemble them.

Below, please find our pricing on servicing and rebuilding Ford Raptor Shocks. If you have have any questions, please Contact Us today.  

Services Offered
2010-2014 Shock Exchange - 2010-2014 Shock Rebuild - Local RRR 2.5 Fox Raptor Shocks - Options & Upgrades -Mid-Perch Fee - Cleaning - Seals - Front Spring Removal - Round Trip Shipping

2010-2014 Ford Raptor Shock Exchange Program (OEM):

  • Full Set (4 Shocks): $599 for basic OE rebuild + $500 deposit/ core charge = $1049 plus round trip shipping
  • Pair (2 Shocks, Front or Rear): $300 for basic OE rebuild + $300 deposit/core charge = $600 plus round trip shipping

Please note that your $500 deposit will be refunded, minus any replacement parts or refinishing fees upon receipt and inspection of your old shocks (please Contact Us about our exchange policy for further details).

Refinishing: If your shocks have rust or corrosion on them, they will need to be refinished before we can send them out to the next customer. The refinishing fee is $125 per pair (2 Shocks) or $199 per set (4 Shocks). This charge will be deducted from the deposit.

NOTE: If your shocks are damaged or in need of replacement parts, we will deduct the cost from the deposit amount to cover the replacement parts.

>> 2010-2014 Ford Raptor Send in Your Shocks Program (OEM):

  • $549 (4 Shocks) for basic OE rebuild + Round Trip Shipping (Or you can ship at your own expense)
  • $300 (2 Shocks-front or rear) for basic OE rebuild + Round Trip Shipping (Or you can ship at your own expense)

>> Local RRR 2.5 Fox Raptor Shocks (Remove, Rebuild, Reinstall):

  • $300 Rebuild Front or Rear Pair of Shocks
  • $549 Rebuild Full Set
  • $299 Labor to Remove & Reinstall Shocks

>> Options & Upgrades(Additional Cost):

  • $80 ($40 Front/ $40 Rear) – Viton Seal Kit Upgrade – Top Quality Viton Seals installed throughout the shock
  • $25/shock – Schrader Valve Install to allow you to set and check the nitrogen in your shocks.

>> Mid-Perch Fee:

  • $50 to set your shocks at mid-perch (if your shocks are already set at mid perch we won't charge you.  This is only if you want to change your truck from stock to mid-perch).

>> Cleaning Fee:

  • $50 – Cleaning of a set of shocks upon return

>> Seals:

  • Shocks By Hammer utilizes stock NBR seals unless you specify you want VITON seals. VITON seals are designed for high temp applications only and should not be used in climates where temperatures get extremely cold. If you want a VITON seal upgrade, it is free of charge.The cost of the O-rings that are VITON are similarly priced, and we now sell them at the same price, saving you $20 per shock.  

    If you are unsure of which seal you need, we have done the research for you:
    Standard NBR on the other hand is only effective for continuous sealing at temperatures up to +110°C (with short term sealing at 130°C.)  
    Standard Viton®/FKM compounds can provide continuous sealing at temperatures up to approximately +205°C.  

>> Front Spring Removal:
  • $25 – If possible, please remove front springs before shipping. By doing this, it will save you a great amount of money in shipping.  If you can’t, we can do it for you and reinstall them.
>> Estimated Round Trip Shipping Prices Based on Region:

*As of January 1, 2020 UPS changed their overweight limit to anything over 50 lbs (previously it was 70 lbs and we could stay under that mark all the time).By UPS doing this, it increased the shipping flat fee of $24 each way. As a result we had to modify our shipping costs. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but it's obviously out of our control.
*If your shocks are shipped with the springs still installed, the price for shipping will go up due to the extra weight.

*Exchange Policy: Exchange means you are responsible for sending your shocks back. If you decide to keep the shocks that you are supposed to send back, you will be billed an additional $250.

Contact Us today for more information.

Deposit Refund - PLEASE READ! 
We do everything we can to make sure we can refund you as much of your deposit back as possible. Trust us, this makes us both happy because you get more money back, and we don't have to order replacement parts. 

The unfortunate truth is the shocks almost ALWAYS need parts. We have to replace what needs to be replaced so the next customer, who gets the shocks you return to us, receives a quality shock. We will not sacrifice the quality of the shocks that leave our shop over price. It's just how we do business.

In the long run, you will always have a better shock after we rebuild it than when it was new. The addition of the schrader valve alone will make your shocks last longer if you maintain them and service them like you should. Treat them like your tires and make sure they are properly inflated!