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At Shocks By Hammer, we are an official vendor and rebuilder for BILSTEIN, PENSKE, JRi, Ohlins, and Integra, but we can service any shock in the industry. We can revalve, repair and completely rebuild your shocks and have them back to you in time for the next race. With our success at the track, comes the knowledge that we can pass along to our customers, and with the relationships we've built within the industry, we are able to keep up on the newest technology available in the market!

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Now Servicing Ford Raptor Fox Shocks
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We now service and repair Ford Raptor Fox Shocks! Recently, we did our first set for a customer in Aberdeen. Brought them here Friday, returned them to the customer on Saturday. No 4-6 week turnaround time here. If you or someone you know has a Ford Raptor, let them know we can service their shocks. These were completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt with OE Fox Rebuild Kits and new Fox Suspension Oil. We can also install schrader valves to make sure your shocks are staying properly inflated. All for only $549!
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We have a Roehrig 2VS shock dyno in the shop to provide the best shock analysis for our customers. The 2VS is equipped with the Roehrig Shock Test Control and Damper analysis software used by all the shock manufacturers and race teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series.

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